Mysterra has been created in February 2000 and groups together people all over the world who have only one mutual interest: the frenzied desire to roam the world off the beaten tracks!

We want to share our passion: the discovery of our planet while avidly learning about the mysteries of life and earth, far away from mass tourism and aloof from the traditional and much visited places.

We set off to meet other people who live in their original environment and confronting their history, their culture and their customs. At other times, it is the beauty of the landscape still preserved in its wild state and the mysteries of a fascinating fauna and flora that attracts us in spots that are alienated from all civilisation. Eyes filled with new sceneries, different traditions and encounters, the discovery of exciting flavours, surprising fragrances and aromas, unknown sounds... in short, opening up to what the world is offering!

Passionately fond of scuba diving, we also try to discover the underwater beauty of the places that we visit.

To finance part of our expeditions and to communicate our travel experiences, photographic reportages are sold to magazines and the photos are placed in Image Banks. If the demand makes itself felt, then other mediums such as books, calendars and postcards will be edited. You can back us up by acquiring photo prints, buying the photos, placing advertising banners on our website or by helping us in organizing a voyage (see our "partners" column).

The Mysterra website is divided into two specific parts:

Mysterra Organization: useful information about Mysterra (introduction, projects, partners, etc.) and, just for you, a page to send virtual cards.

Mysterra Magazine: a web-mag dedicated to the voyages undertaken and realized by Mysterra, featuring exclusive reportages illustrated with multiple photos (between 300 and 1000 photos per destination), specific articles and recipes from all around the world.

Of course, this site is induced to more evolution and new pages will regularly appear. Do not hesitate to contact us. Your questions, comments or suggestions are the most welcome!

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