In a view to organize our voyages more efficiently and to limit the realisation costs of the reportages, we are in search of possible partnerships under an "exchange system". Be it a financial support (in return of advertising banners on our website) or the organization of a voyage, any proposal is the most welcome.

You are an airline company, a travel agency, a tour-operator, a diving center, a manufacturer of photo or computer materials, a publishing house or you own any other business connected more or less to the type of projects that we wish to undertake, then, do not hesitate to contact us!

A special invitation goes to those tour-operators that wish to present their services in a more efficient manner. Contact us to organize the reportages and emphasize your activities! In exchange, your name and logo will appear on all our communication supports (advertising banners on our web site, name, address and phone number of the company in our articles published in international magazines). In addition, you will have more photos at your disposal for the promotion of your activities. An example? Discover our complete reportage on the island of Rodrigues that has been sponsored by a tour-operator.

Thank you for your support!

What are our needs?

- the picking up of the expenses of the voyage (transport and lodging).
- arrangements for a vehicle, boat, etc, on the sites where the reportages will be carried out.
- arrangements for an aeroplane or helicopter for aerial photographs.
- arrange for guides, translators, scientists, etc.
- the organisation of excursions, guided trips and diving.
- the donation or the hiring of diverse materials (photo and technology materials, camping, diving and trekking equipment, etc).
- the establishment of a partnership that will result in giving advices and information as well as a support for our organisation in relation to other partnerships.

In return, we can offer you the following:

- to broadcast free of charge your visual identity through advertising banners on our website. The site receives in between 80'000 and 120'000 visitors per month and this number is perpetually growing. We have achieved a target number of one million visitors per year.
- to quote the name of your enterprise in the online reportages and articles of Mysterra.
- to quote the name and other contact details of your enterprise in the reportages sold to international magazines.
- to make arrangements for photographic documents that you may be requiring for your website or for the promotion of your enterprise.
- the presentation of your services and activities to the numerous persons who seek advice from us.

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