The life span of a printed photograph is only ephemeral...

In thousands of copies, it moves along on various mounts, often modified, reframed, subject to the weaknesses and flaws of the different printing techniques.

On the other hand a photographic development is a unique piece. It has the ability to maintain itself and at times, it will also acquire the value of a rare and much sought-after piecework.

Framing, contrast and colour adjustment, and retouching of the picture are carefully determined by the photograph himself: such a development emphasizes the print's value.

If you wish to obtain or gift a photo, please contact us and specify the code of the selected photo, the size, the quantity, as well as your name, address and phone number.

We will contact you to fix the terms of payment and the delivery time.

We have also a selection of wildlife pictures on the website "Fabrice Bettex Photography", download or print what you want!


- The acquisition of an original print does not confer any reproduction right to the buyer. The latter acquires only the property of a photograph. To obtain the rights of reproduction, you are requested to contact us.

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