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Name of territory:

Ascension Island


In the middle of the South-Atlantic ocean. The nearest land is approximately 1'200 km away and is the island of St-Helena.

Geographic coordinates:

7°56’ S, 14°22’ W

Total area:

90 km2


Tropical, air 20 to 31 °C, water 22 to 28°C


Mountainous and volcanic grounds. The land consists of lava flows, ashes and rocks. Except for Green Mountain that possesses a tropical and lush vegetation.

Highest point:

Green Mountain, 859 m.




1’100 inhabitants

Density of population:

12,2 inhabitants/km2

Head of state:

Queen Elizabeth II of England represented by Administrator Andrew Kettlewell


British colony


Church of England (Christian)

Official language:


Spoken language:


Time zone:

GMT -1 hour in summer
GMT 0 hour in winter

How to get there:

- With the RAF from Brize Norton (UK) or from Falkland Islands. Twice a week. Only 8 to 10 places per flight are allocated to civils. It is advised to make reservations at the earliest possible.
- The "St-Helena" ship; departure either from Cardiff (UK) or from Cape Town (South Africa).

Best season:

All the year

Passport / Visa:

A valid transport, an entry permit from Administrator and a medical insurance attestation (repatriation) are required. Maximum stay on the island extends up to 3 months.


No vaccination is required. Vaccination against yellow fever is recommended in case of flight/ship diverted to a risk area (Africa).


The local currency is the pound sterling of St-Helena.
One pound of St-Helena is equivalent to a pound sterling. Notes and coins are the same as in Great Britain apart from the design British money is accepted all over the island as well as the US dollar at Cat Hill (US Base). There are no exchange restrictions.
Be careful, the currency of St-Helena can be exchanged only inside the boundaries of Ascension Island and St-Helena Island.
Travelers cheques (in pounds) can be cashed at the Savings Bank of Georgetown. However, credit cards are not accepted.


Few possibilities are available : the "Georgetown Guesthouse" or some bungalows bordering the beach at Georgetown.


The food available is similar to the British and American cuisine

Shops / shopping / souvenirs:

Limited variety of goods except for T-shirts’ shopping. No local handicraft. Books, photos, and stamps are available.


A local weekly: The “Islander


Night activities are more vibrant in the 4 pubs of the island. Look out for the peculiar opening and closing hours.


No common means of transport or taxis. However, it is possible to hire a car.

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