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Ascension is an overseas territory under the sovereignty of the British Crown.

The island knows no political life, as there is no government committee. The island of Ascension is one of the dependencies o St-Helena, the other being Tristan da Cunha. The island’s administration is thus linked to St-Helena.

The United Kingdom appoints an administrator on the island. The latter is representative of the Governor of St-Helena, himself a delegate of the Crown. He has to deal with many other activities besides his authoritative command as Administrator. He occupies the functions of Magistrate, Coroner, Registrar, Immigration Officer and Harbourmaster. He is also in charge of the Savings Bank, the Police force, the post office and Government accounts.

The applied legislation in the island is a mixture of the rules and regulations of both Ascension and St-Helena and the British laws. However, everything is based on the British legislation adjusted to suit local circumstances.

Although the RAF and the American military base have their own security and police service, the Police Detachment of Ascension has the jurisdiction of the island and cooperates with the security services of the RAF and the U.S. Army.

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