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Name of territory:

Falkland Islands (English)
Iles Malouines (French)
Islas Malvinas (Spanish)


South Atlantic, East of Argentina

Geographic coordinates:

51°45’ S, 59°00’ W

Total area of archipelago:

12’173 km2


Cold sea current coming from the Antarctic, strong cold westerly wind, rather cloudy and rainy. 22°C in January, -5°C in July


Undulating plains, pastures, moors, numerous ponds and small lakes, rocky uneven mountainous areas. The coasts are very interspersed with inlets and creeks.

Highest point:

Mount Usborne, 705 metres

Falklands capital:

Stanley (on East Falkland)


2’800 inhabitants (+ 2’000 British soldiers)

Density of population:

0,23 inhabitants/km2

Average income:

22’000 $ per inhabitant

Head of state:

Queen Elizabeth II of England represented by Governor Donald Lamont


British colony, claimed by Argentina


Church of England (Christian)

Official language:


Spoken language:


National Day:

14 June, Liberation Day


see Flag and Coat of Arms illustration

Time zone:

GMT -4 hours in summer
GMT -3 hours in winter

How to get there:

-Via South America, flight from Chile (Santiago, then Punta Arenas) with the Lan Chile airline. Once a week.
-From England with the RAF from Brize Norton. Twice a week. The flight lasts 18 hours with a stop on Ascension Island.

Best season:

December to February (Southern hemisphere summer)

Passport / Visa:

Valid passport and tourist visa (delivered on arrival, on presentation of return ticket) are necessary for all visitors. British citizens don't need a visa.


No vaccination is required. Vaccination against yellow fever is recommended in case of flight diverted to a risk area (Africa or South America).


A Falklands pound is equivalent to one pound sterling. Notes and coins are the same as in Great Britain apart from the design. English money circulates freely on the isles. There are no exchange restrictions.
Please, note that Falklands money cannot be exchanged outside the islands, Travellers cheques are accepted (in pounds) but credit cards are more difficultly accepted.


Hotels or Bed & Breakfast (recommended, less expensive and more welcoming).


Almost the same as English food.

Shops / Shopping / Souvenirs:

Nothing much apart from woollen clothes. Very little local handicraft. Posters, books, paintings, stamps.


A local weekly: the "Penguin News

Night life:

Little night-time life. Pubs, restaurants and sometimes concerts and dances. Only in Stanley.

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