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General Health, Life, and Home Insurance Resources

For people living in the U.S., having insurance fulfills needs in many aspects of life. The different forms of insurance range from health to home, and in some instances they may never be used, despite the money that has gone into paying their premiums. Having insurance is invaluable, however, when it is needed. Unlike health and home insurance, life insurance will, in most cases, eventually be paid out to the beneficiaries, but the individual paying for the insurance will not benefit directly from it. When buying insurance, regardless of its purpose, one should have an understanding of exactly what one is paying for in terms of what it will and will not cover. Talking with an insurance agent is one way to gain such an understanding; however, many additional resources are available online.

Read below for more information about general health, life, and home insurance.

  • Reasons Insurance Agents Should Sell Insurance Online: This page features four in-depth explanations of why insurance agents should incorporate social media into their business strategy.
  • Storing Salt is Like Getting Insurance Online: The post on this page compares storing salt to getting insurance, in case it is needed one day. Readers are also provided with examples of ways salt can be used in a disaster or emergency.
  • Multi-Vehicle Collisions: Who's at Fault?: People interested in learning about car accidents may click this link to educate themselves regarding who is at fault in multi-vehicle accidents. The article is on a personal injury attorney's website.
  • Pemco Insurance and Other Insurance Quote Providers: Consumers who view this page will find a brief list of links where they may get quotes and information from various insurance companies in various states including Alabama, Hawaii, and California.
  • Appliance Insurance: Online Information: This page provides information regarding insurance for appliances, its cost, and whether or not it is needed. At the end of the article, readers will find a small list of links to appliance insurance and warranty sites.
  • Backpacking: Useful and Unusual Items to Carry: On this page, there is a list of ten things, including insurance, that are useful to have when backpacking.
  • Seasonal Decor for Inside and Outside the Home: Click this link for tips on how to decorate the home when seasons change. The advice provided covers the inside of the home and the exterior.
  • Solving the Cube - Layer-by-Layer: This page provides information on how to solve the Rubik's Cube using a layer-by-layer method.
  • Basic Information About Insurance Online: Renters Insurance: Renters should click this link for basic information regarding renters insurance. Information provided includes what it is, coverage components, and how to get it.
  • Dog Training: Fifty Videos of Cool Tips and Tricks: Open this link to read about and order dog training videos. The videos discussed on this page are only available for purchase online.
  • Blog PUCP: Visitors to this site may view various blog posts from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. The information on this page is in Spanish.
  • HRSA - Getting Health Care: Open this page to view links to affordable healthcare centers, programs for diseases and conditions, and other resources.
  • How to Buy Car Insurance: On this page, international students will find a how-to guide regarding buying auto insurance while attending Lehigh university.
  • Human Resources - Healthcare and Drug Programs, Forms, and Doctors: Click this link to review a list of healthcare options and programs offered by the human resource department at Michigan State University.
  • Ohio Mandatory Auto Insurance: Drivers may go directly to the car insurance requirements page of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles website by clicking this link. Visitors to this page will also find a list of penalties.
  • FBI Health and Life Insurance: Prospective and current employees of the FBI who click on this link will find information on the health and life insurance programs offered.
  • Life Insurance: The University of Massachusetts MA Group Insurance Commission provides two types of life insurance, both of which are listed on this page.
  • Wisconsin Health Insurance Status: Information regarding the health insurance status of residents who are living in the state of Wisconsin can be found on this page..
  • New Hampshire: Life, Accident, and Health: Click this link to find reports, links, and forms regarding life, accident, and health insurance in New Hampshire.
  • Student Health Center - Health Insurance: Read about the health insurance plan offered by the American University in Washington.
  • Hawaiian Insurance License How-to: Find out what the requirements are for getting a license reinstated or renewed in Hawaii. This page also includes definitions and links to various helpful rules.
  • Baja California Automobile Insurance: On this page, there are two reasons given as to why one needs Mexican auto insurance when traveling in Mexico. The page also reviews where to get Mexican auto insurance and what to look out for while driving there. Additional links to insurance-related sites are also on the page.